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Lal flour Mills (LFM) Rohri is one of the leading flour mills in the province of Sindh- Pakistan. At Lal Flour Mills (LFM), we offer extensive range of Wheat Products including Whole Wheat Flour (Chakki Aata), Fine Flour (Plain White Aata), Bran(Choker), Semolina (Suji), Baking Flour (Maida), Weighbridge etc.

Lal Flour Mills Rohri produces nutritionally rich Fine Flour necessary for adequate human body growth and development. Also, our Pure Fine Flour is considered as very soft filled with protein content used for delicious chewy pizza base. Moreover, our White Whole Wheat Flour is used for making special and soft Chapatti. Lal Flour Mills offer special wheat products required for different consumer goods such as biscuits, cookies, breads & buns, range of pizzas etc.

Lal Flour Mill is located in Rohri District Sukkur at Sindh Small Industrial Society of Pakistan. The Company started its operations with the production capacity of 60mt/day. However, currently company has increased its capacity to 120mt/day.

Our flour mill has signed MOU with Mott Macdonald Ltd for Food Fortification Program run by UK aid in order to train staff to ensure adequate fortification of wheat flour, Maida and fine atta woth iron, Folic, Acid, Zinc and Vitamin B12 to increase nutritional status of the people in Pakistan.

Nevertheless, Lal Flour Mill takes pride in its associations with leading industry icons, such as Sukkur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI), Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) and other local rotary & trade associations.

Moreover, Our prestigious flour products are most popular amongst many flour consuming companies all over Pakistan.  The Lal flour mill’s aim is to provide our customers with best quality wheat flour products each time which fits their needs exactly to reach almost 100% customer satisfaction.

customer commitment

Lal Flour Mills Rohri’s customer commitment to provide high quality product, cover almost all varieties of wheat flour products produced from high quality and specifically sorted wheat grains and other raw materials.

Vision Statement

The main goal of the company is to serve our customers by supplying on time delivery of the desired wheat flour products consistently. We aim to become market leaders by achieving Global safe quality, food safety /QMS/ Halal standards and delivering optimum value flour and associated products with the help of our highly trained and experienced staff.

Mission Statement

LFM Rohri’s key purpose is to provide timely delivery of all desired products to customers at competitive market prices as prescribed in our Mission Statement

With an aim to provide quality wheat flour product, the quality control team of highly experienced staff ensures continuous improvement in the processes throughout the years.

Finally, we always try to establish strong and enduring customer relationship by offering high quality products to capture high market share.

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Baking Flour (Maida)

 Lal Flour Mills (LFM) produces finest quality baking flour (Maida) with its two brand names (i.e. Badshah Maida & Special Maida) which contains high nutritional level required for normal body growth and as low as about 9 percent proteins only. The fluffy and tender Baking Flour is made from soft wheat and is generally used for cookies, cakes and traditional items such as poories, samosa and bakery items. At LFM, our trained staff specifically focused to ensure delivery of quality baking flour (Maida) in the market at competitive price


13 % -13.5 %

Total Ash

0.5 – 0.55 %

Acid Insoluble Ash


Alcoholic Acidity



28% – 30 %

Water Absorption Power


Sedimentation Value

23ml – 24ml

Maltose Value

2.5mg – 3.5mg

Protein Crude

12 % – 13 %

Crude Fiber

Max. 2.5% – 3%


73% – 75%


Creamish White



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Wheat Bran (Choker)

Wheat Bran (Choker) is shielding outer layer of wheat and other cereal grains which consists of the combined aleurone and pericarp. The Wheat Bran (Choker) is extremely nutritious and special source of fiber. 

Lal Flour Mills acquires special quality wheat to produce finest quality Choker making it favorite feed for livestock industry. Wheat Bran of LFM is edible and appetizing which can be fed to cattles, goats, poultry, sheep and other livestock animals. Our Wheat Bran (Choker) is special source of protein that helps to increase production of milk and keeps animals healthy.

Fiber Crude



15% – 16%


13% – 14%


V.VIP Fine Flour (Zameendar Brand)

Lal Flour Mills (LFM) offer V.VIP Fine Flour with its brand name of Zameendar, produced under highly trained and experienced professionals. This product is used for preparing Chapatti, Naans, Tandoori Chapatti, Pranthas etc. We ensure to provide our customers this high quality product at very competitive price compared to already offered by our competitors in the similar market.

Moisture 11.5% – 13%
Ash 1.5% – 1.6%
Acid Insoluble Ash 0.03 – 0.035
Alcoholic Acidity .08% – .09%
Gluten 9.0% – 10.0%
Water Absorption 64% – 67%
Crude Fiber 1.35% – 1.45%%
Crude Proteins *5.70N 12.5% – 13.512%
Crude Fats*6.25N 13% – 13.2%
Starch 69% – 70%